Surfari Improver Day Trip 9th June
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Surf students walking to the water with Cullen and Three Kings in the background

Our local favourites in Cullen

Cullen is a picturesque fishing town in the North East of Scotland, right on the border between Moray and Aberdeenshire. Our sandy beach offers ideal surf and paddleboarding conditions and receives the occasional visit from passing dolphins!

With a great atmosphere and a variety of things to do and places to eat and stay, it's an ideal choice for a quick visit or a longer relaxing holiday by the sea for families and couples.

Bow Fiddle Rock

A natural sea arch near Portknockie, named because it resembles the tip of a fiddle bow. Breathtaking in person, and best seen from the water on our favourite SUP tour route! Not to be missed.

Cullen Skink

A hearty bowl of Cullen Skink is a delicious local specialty. A must!

Bin Hill / Bin of Cullen

The Bin of Cullen is a 320m hill rising above forestry to a bare summit that offers breathtaking views of the local coastline and landscape. When the surf is big enough, you can see the waves rolling in at Cullen Beach from the top of Bin Hill!

Coffee at the Kings

Andy at Coffee at the Kings is our neighbour at the beach, selling delicious coffee and cakes from Thursday to Sunday. Perfect for a treat after a session in the North Sea.

Coastal Pizza

Gareth & Sarah run Coastal Pizza - delicious Neapolitan Pizza available regularly at Cullen Harbour. Highly recommended for a feel-good meal after spending some time in the sea!

Cullen Town

A varied selection of great shops and cafes to visit. From breakfast at the Rockpool Cafe to dinner at the Seafield Arms Hotel, a Cullen ice cream, fresh fish & chips, or a stroll around the colourful shops; there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Cullen Links Golf Club

Combine water activities with a unique round of golf overlooking our beautiful beach!

Cullen Beach Burgers

Hot feel-good food served by friendly staff right at the beach.

Coastal trails

There are a variety of walking routes from Cullen, along headlands, past castles, above secluded bays; a great way to enjoy a summer's day and take in the stunning view.

Animation of dolphin illustration

Local Links


Coffee / Lunch


Discover Cullen is a great resource on the town and local area for more information. There are plenty more things to do & see, and places to visit that we haven't been able to mention here!

Visit us at Blue Coast for surfing & paddleboarding at our bay in the North East of Scotland. We're at Cullen beach year-round; every day in summer and for bookings in winter.

Looking northwest from the quaint fishing town of Cullen, down through its striking viaducts that frame the picturesque bay, it would be easy to miss something. You look over the water towards the headland at Portknockie as people around you slip in and out of the cafes and shops. It's a clear day and the sun on your face doesn't give it away; you'd be forgiven for forgetting you're in the North East of Scotland.

But if you look closely, down at the blue water and the white breakers that roll onto the sandy shoreline, maybe you'll see a figure or two out there, beyond the waves, paddling leisurely on top of the water. If you're really lucky, you might see a pod of dolphins putting on their playful show as they make their way across the bay, past the awestruck paddleboarders.

And if you had time on your hands, maybe you'd take a stroll down the hill and through the Seatown, pausing occasionally to admire the old colourful cottages. You'd make your way to the beach, under the viaducts that were so prominent all those moments before, and look out at the Moray Firth, at the North Sea, and you'd see the black dots floating just beyond the waves.

What are they doing? you'd think, as one begins to paddle and glide with an incoming wave. They'd stand up on their board and ride almost to the sand and you'd watch them grin, turn around and paddle out again, hoping for another glimpse of that magic and you'd think to yourself,

Maybe I'll give that a try.

Drone photo of surf lesson at Cullen, Scotland
At ease.
A state of flow.
Breathe easy.
No paddle no surf.
Beyond the beach.
Everything else falls away.
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